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What is Chinese Herbology?

Herbal medicine is the ingestion and topical use of plants and mineral substances. Herbology and acupuncture are complimentary to each other's functions and, properly applied, have only positive side effects.

The herbal component of Chinese Medicine is the
product of a long process and has been preserved and passed down from one dynasty to another. Now through continuous translation of ancient texts, we gain deeper understanding of the power of the human body to heal itself.

Chinese herbal medicine offers quick and effective relief from a wide range of health conditions, from simple colds and allergies, to stomach and gynecological problems.

The herbal components of Chinese Medicine are the product of ancient processes, preserved and passed down from one dynasty to another for over 3,000 years.

Through translation of Oriental texts, we are able to continuously gain deeper understanding of the energetics of sacred and powerful herbs as corrective aids to the human body's infinite ability to heal itself.

Chinese herbs comes in a variety of forms – concentrated tablets, liquid extracts, granules and the dried herbs themselves.  

Each ingredient is thoroughly tested for heavy metals, biological contamination, pesticides and authenticity.

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