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There is NO Magic Pill...

Modern science has conditioned us to expect and even demand a “magic pill” in an attempt to fix whatever is wrong with us.

This is an illusion; there is no magic pill; there never has been and never will be. We need to find the real truth, take responsibility, and realize our symptoms are there for a reason.

They are a gift, our body’s language, a wake up call or warning light telling us something deeper is wrong. Ignoring this built-in alarm system could lead to a disease, a lot more progressed and potentially dangerous.

For example, if we were awakened by an alarm and the smell of smoke, would we unplug the smoke alarm and go back to sleep?

Of course not, but this is what we are doing to our body when we repeatedly take a medication to numb the symptom, thereby ignoring it. At this time the root cause needs to be identified and treated.








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