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Dr Harreson Caldwell, Dr TCM, RAc

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Dr. Harreson Caldwell has been involved in alternative healthcare for over 25 years, 17 of that in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With his private practice in Vancouver, BC since 1991, Dr. Caldwell was educated in Saint Petersberg, at the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the International College of TCM in Vancouver, and the Guang Zhou University Hospital (Mainland China's largest teaching hospital).

Most of our illnesses have deep roots in our core beliefs. Our beliefs become our biology.

Shen Qi, a transformational therapy, unveils the deeper secrets that our "pain", emotional or physical, is trying to tell us.

Harreson takes the great healing art of TCM very seriously, and practices extensively in all of its modalities: Acupuncture, Herbology, Tuina, and Qi Gong. For many years nw, he has been focused on Shen Qi (advanced Qi Gong research).

Additionally Harreson is a gifted musician and a long-standing and ardent student of Taoist healing arts and intensive meditation practices. here to view Dr. Caldwell's resume.



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