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An Acupuncturist Doing Face Lifts?

Well, it may not be what you would normally expect from an acupuncturist or TCM practitioner, but you see, Dr. Caldwell's face lift treatments are making people in Vancouver look and feel years younger.

Here's what one professional business woman says about how her life and looks have changed with Dr. Caldwell's "Natural Face LIft"...

..."When I first visited Dr Caldwell I was suffering chronically from anxitety, fatigue and debilitating hives.

I commenced weekly treatments of acupuncture and herbal remedies and very quickly began feeling better.

With each treatment I continue to feel healthier physically and I am much more balanced and emotionally grounded.

Today I am frequently asked by people what I do to achieve my radiant glow. My answer is acupuncture!

While some women spend their money on expensive creams and facial treatments, I get all that and more with acupuncture as my weekly beauty regimen."

Okay, so how is this possible?

Have you ever considered how STRESS can affect your face? You see, studies show that stress is the number one killer in the world. It leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, and all kinds of other ailments.

And certainly, stress causes one to age more rapidly (including in the face). Doctor Caldwell's acupuncture treatments eliminate the effects of stress relieve all the terrible things stress does to onle's body.

So women and men can look years younger as a result of being treated by Dr. Caldwell.

And when you feel good, you look good... and when you look good, you feel good!

The fact is Dr. Caldwell can help you feel WONDERFUL, which can lead to your looking years younger.

Dr. Caldwell loves the fact that he can help to improve the quality of peoples' lives by providing his unique health care services.

Services that famous celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people (yes, even western doctors!) living in Vancouver keep as their "Secret to a youthful face."

In addition to looking and feeling fantastic, by being cared for by Dr. Caldwell, all kinds of wonderful things can happen.

More energy and an all over sense of well-being so you will have greater joy in your life... Improved digestion, better physical performance, more productivity at work (which could lead you to a GREATER INCOME!), greater peace of mind, a good night's sleep... every night!.

Simply... "More life to your years... more years to your life!"

To discover more about Dr. Caldwell's "Natural Face Lift", call 618-3111 and get your FREE issue of "Beauty Secrets About Your Body & Health."

This can be emailed or faxed to you. It's amazing information you really should know about.

NOTE: Some of the world's most successful and famous people are happy acupuncture patients. But to Dr. Caldwell, you are the MOST IMPORTANT.

To prove that, call his office at 618-3111 and he'll give you a complete "Health Care Audit".

Dr. Caldwell's pleasant and modern office is located in beautiful downtown Vancouver at 801-1200 Burrard Street, right on the corner of Burrard and Davie. The phone number at the office is 618-3111.


For some facelift customers, a bunch of tiny needles beats one big one filled with botulism.
By Charlie Neibergall, AP

Forget the knife and syringe. The tool of choice for a growing number of wrinkle-phobes is a needle — scores of them.

Cosmetic acupuncture practitioners and patients swear by the results: Foreheads are smoothed, tummies tucked, breasts lifted and double chins become single once again. And as tales of botched Botox injections spread — the lawsuit filed by a sickened Beverly Hills socialite; at least four Botox recipients now seriously ill with botulism — acupuncturists say their non-toxic technique is proving ever more alluring.

"A lot of women are just afraid," says Martha Lucas, who says the number seeking treatment has quadrupled since she opened her Denver practice three years ago. (Lucas guesses that the number going under the needle nationally constitutes a "small fraction" of the more than 128,000 Americans who, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, had face lifts in 2003.) "They don't want to take the chance they're going to come out not only with an ice bag on but with some potentially more serious side effect."

And there's the argument that cosmetic acupuncture, like traditional acupuncture, takes a holistic approach to treatment, so not only do eyebrows unfurrow, but "you feel better overall," says Christine Kleinschmidt, who practices in St. Louis. "You're sleeping better, you've got more energy and better digestion. ... It's not just skin-deep."

Physicians find the fountain-of-youth claims far-fetched. "To be fair, most people look better after a good night's sleep, after a vacation or after being outside in fresh air, so I'm not saying there can't be some benefit," says ASPS president Scott Spear. But "I personally have not seen any evidence that cosmetic acupuncture has any significant or long-term benefits."

Lucas' protocol of 10 treatments over five weeks goes for $1,200, less than one-quarter of the cost of the average face lift, although the results, which Lucas says last three to five years, are far from permanent. Each session takes 45 to 60 minutes and involves 60 to 70 needles. Kleinschmidt charges $1,800 for a typical course of 12 treatments, not including monthly or bimonthly maintenance sessions.

MaryAgnes Klock calls Lucas a "miracle worker." The Dallas resident says her jowls are gone, her eyelids aren't drooping, and she has dropped 35 pounds. Klock, who works in sales, won't divulge her age, but she will say that the other day someone guessed she was 40.

Acupuncturists say that while business is busy for weddings and holidays, the future lies in preventive procedures.

"I wish I'd known," Klock says. "I would have had it done in my 30s."

Article Source: USA TODAY

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