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A Talk on Dizziness - St Paul Hospital

Submitted by Bobb i Clarke:

The guest speaker at our May 20th public meeting was Dr Harreson Caldwell, Dr. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), RAc. (Registered Acupuncturist).  His topic was The Importance of Reducing Stress.  His discussion started with a historical definition of the word ‘doctor’; it comes from the Latin word docere which means ‘to teach’.  There is no magic bullet, pill or potion.  You are probably going to hear some different terms use to describe illness today, especially when we start talking about the real cause of illness (describe in the Advanced Tao philosophy.) TCM has different disease categories and disease names than Western Medicine, and speaks in patterns rather than diseases.

There are many different "pattern diagnoses" associated with dizziness, and each pattern diagnosis requires a different treatment. After I describe each pattern you will easily see why each one requires different treatments.... especially when you have a combination

Liver Yang Rising - is a term that refers to the phenomenon of the Yang energy of the Liver ascending upwards too much, and it often occurs in those with a "Type A" personality. The symptoms include severe dizziness, ear ringing, red face, irritability and angry outbursts, and an accompanying headache. The sides of the tongue may be an unusual bright red color, and the pulse is likely to feel like a strong wire. 

Liver Fire Rising - is similar, except there will be intense thirst, a bitter taste in the mouth, dark-colored urine, and dry bowel movements or constipation. The tongue might have a dry, yellowish coating, and the pulse will be fast and very "full" on palpation. 

With Liver Wind Rising - the dizziness is more severe, with loss of balance and tremors (as is often seen in patients with Parkinson's).

Symptoms of Turbid Phlegm in the Head - causing dizziness are made apparent by a feeling of heaviness in the head, difficulty concentrating, feeling groggy in the mornings (or having to press the snooze alarm several times before getting up in the mornings), and a feeling of oppression in the chest. There may be nausea, lack of a true hunger sensation, and a sticky taste in the mouth. A Doctor of Chinese Medicine may notice that the patient has a swollen tongue with a turbid and sticky coating, and that the pulse feels oily/slippery on palpation. In this condition, a healthy amount of Yang energy (often referred to as clear yang) cannot rise to the head because there is turbid Phlegm obstructing it.

Manifestations of Qi and Blood Vacuity - are mild dizziness (usually due to standing up too quickly), pale face, tiredness, poor memory, difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations (fluttering), depressed mood, and an erratic appetite. This pattern is often associated with either postural hypotension or anemia in Western Medicine. Treatment includes herbs which help the body to produce more white and red blood cells.

The final pattern diagnosis is Kidney Deficiency - which does not mean that the patient has renal problems. This is a Chinese Medicine term, and it is not synonymous with Western Medicine terms. Symptoms include chronic dizziness with an empty feeling in the head, ear ringing, depressed mood, poor memory, exhaustion or malaise, waking frequently at night, an achy or sore back, and possible knee problems. The tongue may appear pale or red and peeled, while the pulse feels empty like a deflated balloon. 

So what's the real cause of all these pattern? They don't just happen. And how do we treat them because each pattern requires different treatment....... and yes diet is definitely a contributor. We can't forget that. Many TCM Doctors would use Herbs or Acupuncture to treat the symptoms and sometimes it works with that alone. 

But I believe it requires going deeper and really understanding the real cause which is rooted in the emotions ...... look at that if you don't want it to come back. I believe all chronic illnesses  are rooted in the emotions. A good book ...... feelings buried alive never die.

How does it relate to the 6 dizziness patterns for example. Liver Yang Rising,  hun(psychic) certain emotions stagnate liver energy cause the live energy to rise too fast  anger or fear....... a lot of people carry anger and don't realize it..... forgotten..... feeling buried alive. Liver Fire Rising, more extreme. Liver Wind Rising, more extreme...... long standing and may also have blood deficiency. Turbid Phlegm in the Head ...... something your body should have eliminated,  Too much stressful thinking ...... worry, not enough clear yang to the head. Qi and Blood Vacuity,........ too much thinking consumes the blood. Kidney Deficiency, chronic anxiety ......think of Kidneys as battery storage of your energy.

We say in TCM. The liver is the temperamental organ and it like to show its arrogance. The liver directly effects the gall bladder channel which goes right to the inner ear, easily causing dizziness.

Now we must go even deeper than the physical part of TCM. All physical illnesses are rooted in the emotions. Our emotion are drive by our thoughts and our thoughts are driven by our beliefs. Beliefs........... what is at the root of them.....maybe some are "mistaken certainties" A modern good book...... The Biology of beliefs..... Dr Bruce Lipton.

I teach how to get in touch with the healer within. How to get in alignment with your non physical self.

Huna (Tao) Philosophy we've never been taught.

A couple principles of the Tao philosophy:

 1) There are no limits. 

There are no real boundaries between you and your body, you and other people, you and the world, you and Source. Separation is an illusion. We are all one and connected with All that is.

 2) Energy flows where attention goes. 

Your thoughts and feelings form the blueprint for bringing into your life the nearest possible experience eqivilent to those feelings.

 3) Now is the moment of power. 

You are not bound by the past or by any perception of the future. You have the power to change limiting beliefts and consciously plant the seeds for a 

future of your choosing.

 4) To love is to be happy. the universe exists because of love. Humans exist because of love, even when they don't acknowledge it. In Huna, love involves the creation of happiness. It is not just a side effect. Love is the only ethic needed in Huna.

 5) All love comes from within. There is no power outside of you, because the power of the universe works through you, in your life. You are an active channnel for that power.

 6) You create your own personal experience of your reality through your beleifs, expectations, attitudes, desires, fears, judgments, feelings, and persisting thoughts and actions.

Thoughts have a vibration and you will attract a vibrational match to your dominant thoughts. Einstein quote ...... imagination everything..... its preview of life's coming attractions.

So when you worry......you are using you imagination to attract exactly what you don't want. What you focus on expands...... focus on illness it expands. We can move mountains by changing our thinking. There is nothing that cannot be healed. There is no source of sickness or evil. Its all created by mans mind. A master one said...... the way you heal the patient is distract the patient long enough for nature to heal itself.

Any time we feel stuck in a negative feeling or bound to a negative condition, it is the belief that first must be changed. Important to challenge our beliefs from time to time because our "mistaken certainties" distort our perception. Your number one priority in life is your own well-being and the expansion of your awareness. By expanding your awareness, you will remove the "mistaken certainties" which have been keeping you from being the self-confident healthy person you would like to be.

Getting in touch with our inner beliefs so that we can heal our outer life is a lifetime process...... Advanced Qi gong meditation, self hypnosis. Go to zero - no thought .....experience your non physical self by becoming aware of your non physical perception, aware that you are aware.....the real you is pure Joy...... anything that is not joy.......you can let it go. Its not you! Getting in alignment with your non physical self by getting in the center of your head(no thought)...... the drivers seat of your reality.

Quote from Ester Hicks:

Wellness that is being allowed, or the wellness that is being denied, is all about the mindset, the mood, the attitude, the practiced thoughts. There is not one exception, in any human or beast; because, you can patch them up again and again, and they will just find another way of reverting back to the natural rhythm of their mind. Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic. Every bit of it, no exceptions.

At the end of the discussion there was a question and answer period after which Dr. Caldwell took us through a meditation exercise.  Such exercises are used to reduce stress.  Those who have tried and practised meditation know there is no downside.  Drugs can cause side affects, sometimes severe ones.  Meditation practised over time can give a sense of well being that helps carry a person through the misery of a dizziness episode or until it can be permanently resolved. 



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